Wednesday, May 11, 2011


DEVOTIONS: by Pastor Raymond J. Hamilton  “Jesus Keep me near the Cross. . .”
Just to encourage your hearts this morning Colossians 1:16(KJV) “For in Him all things in heaven and on earth were created.”
            There is no limit to God’s creative ability. Created in God’s image, we are fashioned to be creative, too. God has provided the material for building homes and other structures, and has given humanity a rich earth and food supply so that all can be nourished. God instilled in each person with love and compassion so that people are eager to help one another. It’s sad however, that we don’t use it; many would rather tear down their brother or sister then see them succeed.  God has granted every person grace so that the world knows it is okay to make a mistake. We are not perfect individuals but I encourage you to strive for that perfection. 
            Through the right use of what God has given us, we are God’s apprentice. The tools we use are divine guidance, intuition, faith and love. Whether we discover a better way to do something, form a new friendship, or work at redeeming a social condition, God is our instructor and guide. Together we can create a world of good. Let me encourage you and remind you that because we are one of His and He is the creator of it all. There is nothing that He won’t do for those who trust in Him. Be blessed and may this day be bigger than any other day you’ve seen.

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