Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Weekly Update

The Lord is good is he not! It's amazing to wake up, take a drive down the street and to see the wonderful things that God has created. Sometimes I see it in people's character, other times in his creation. On the way to work I passed along side of the Grand River. The sun was out in full force and the water seemed to sparkle as if there were diamonds underneath the surface. It may be the Grand River, but what a wonderful thing that God has created (the Grand River) in that it runs through our city. Be on the lookout for those "Ah ha!" moments, or "GIMS " (God impact moments) because they come more frequently than you would think and they are all around us in every way!

Are you recovered from the Where U at Conference?? That was simply amazing to see youth pouring out their hearts to God, and to see him move in the lives of others! A lot of healing took place and now that you are back, the devil is going to try and to take that away! Stay planted in the word! There will be trials and tribulations that you will face, and old things will try to sneak back into your life but be ENCOURAGED! Because the spirit of God lives in you! If there is a way out, GOD WILL provide it! You just have to be looking for it!  Stay encouraged and be blessed ya'll!

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