Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DEVOTIONS: by Pastor Raymond J. Hamilton

“Oh Lord I love you, for you are the desire of my heart. . .”

Just to encourage your hearts this morning Mathew 17:20: “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed… nothing will be impossible for you.”           A little faith goes a long way in clearing your mind, in restoring inner peace, in allowing you to function as a person who is capable of great things, for indeed you are. Faith in God in you and in others develops courage, patience, understanding, hope, and so much more. It strengthens you and every aspect of your life. Each thought or act of faith is like a single fiber that, when woven together with others, creates a lifeline that connects you to health peace, prosperity, and great opportunities.

          Have enough faith to keep on going even when there seems no way to go on. Such faith is the understanding that God will see you through whatever it is that you are experiencing. Faith is surrendering to God’s presence and power and accepting that with God, nothing is impossible. Remember “God is able and He won’t fail.” Be blessed and may you always have enough faith to know, enough patience to wait, and enough will to trust God to work out everything in your life.

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