Friday, July 1, 2011

What's Happening Now

GRIL has been in amazing transition, as we graduated our newest GRIL class of 2011 and are now into summer mode! For the summer of 2011, GRIL has had the opportunity to work with the Grand Rapids Public School system and be a site for the Believe 2 Become program. This opportunity has us working with 40 teenagers who are within the Grand Rapids Public School system, and GRIL finds itself in a unique opportunity to spread the love of God within the GRPS, and also develop and encourage these teens in their everday walk with God. It has been a joy to share with these teens the love that God has for them and his divine plan for every single one of them. This has been a whirlwind of activity on GRIL's front lines, but the staff has been amazing in adapting to their enviroment, and it has been awesome to see the hand of God at work within these teens lives. As such a time as this, God knew that GRIL was going to be involved with this and we step forward confidently entrenched in his promises.  The coaches who are walking with these teens everyday are truly an example of servant leadership. Included are some pictures of these awesome teens and the work that GRIL is doing.

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