Wednesday, July 13, 2011


An Interview with Katie Novakowski

Recently GRIL had the opportunity to catch up with former GRIL graduate Katie Novakowski. Here's what she had to say about her expirience with GRIL!

GRIL: Hey Katie! Wow, it's been a while how are you? Ok, jumping right in, what was the greatest memory that you’ve had at GRIL U?

Katie: Wow! That was fast, and I'm doing very well! I would have to say that the greatest memory that I've had at GRIL was when we took the Colorado trip, and painted bridges. It was really fun because I got to connect with GRIL and my peers. Even though it was at the end, it was amazing. And also riding in the back of trucks was a truly unique experience.

GRIL: What was one or two of your 'ah hah' moments? Or take-away moments that you learned at GRIL?

Katie: I would have to say finding out and knowing that
God has a bigger plan for me than I realized myself. Also the time management class that we took really helped shape me for me who I am.

GRIL: Have you been able to maintain those “ah hahs” or take aways?

 Katie: Staying in contact with people is the big key to it all and I've been able to do that! Also going back to the time management skills I learned, it's important to surround myself with positive people.

What do you think GRIL has prepared you best for?

Katie: It overall has made me a better leader and has equipped me towards a sucessful future!

GRIL: Thanks for the time Katie! Blessings on you!

Katie: Thanks, and I'll see you soon!!!

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